Sexual Suicide Crossword Puzzle
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Sexual Suicide Crossword Puzzle


4. Male fig wasp primary role #1.
6. Sterile female honey bee that develops from a fertilized egg.
12. Bee _____, a slang word for the honey deposited in wax honeycomb.
13. A striped equine-like animal that has nothing to do with this article.
14. This male is seduced by blinking lights of a female who eats him.
15. Ruthless sci-fi colony that is somewhat similar to a bee hive.
18. Queen bee who metamorphosed into a woman in 1964 episode of Outer Limits.
19. This male deliberately positions his body opposite the fangs of his mate.
20. This male dies shortly after his mating flight with a female.
23. World authority on the behavior of Australian redback spiders.
24. Haploid reproductive cell of the female.
25. Virus that causes Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome in humans.
26. Two sets of chromosomes resulting from the fusion of sperm and egg.
27. The "femme fatal" of animal behaviorist James Lloyd.
28. World's largest genus of trees--with at least 1,000 different species.
30. WAYNE'S WORD disagrees with chapter about figs in this man's book.
33. Male fig wasp primary role #2 [i.e. cut through wall of syconium.]
34. Domesticated carnivorous mammal that has nothing to do with this article.
35. This structure (not a wasp) develops inside the ovary of a long-style fig flower.
36. Many unfortunate males use this organ for thinking.
37. Fig wasp only inserts egg in fig flowers with this type of style.
38. Body of dead male hangs in web of this black, unmarried spider.
39. Male becomes tiny, blood-sucking parasite on this female fish.
40. Animal containing both male and female sex organs.
42. Deadly sexually transmitted viral disease of Homo sapiens sapiens.
44. Reproduction providing genetic variability in a species.
45. Attributing male insect/spider "suicidal" behavior to Homo sapiens sapiens.
46. Domesticated carnivorous mammal that has nothing to do with this article.


1. Name of old sci-fi Outer Limits film where a queen bee changes into a woman.
2. One set of chromosomes resulting from an unfertilized egg.
3. This tiny male lives inside the reproductive tract of his mate.
5. Sperm of sacrificial males is stored in this female structure.
7. This article contains some risque double ________ sexual innuendos.
8. Fig wasp unable to insert egg in flowers with this type of style.
9. Difference in size and shape of males and females of a species.
10. Symbiotic insect pollinator of fig trees.
16. Source of genetic variation in haploid drone honey bees.
17. Method by which deep-sea angler fish capture prey in darkness.
21. Penis apparatus of male honey bee that is severely damaged during mating.
22. Egg-laying device of various female insects.
28. A tree that is pollinated by a tiny "in house" pollinator wasp.
29. Hollow, flower-bearing structure in which fig wasps have their orgy.
31. Reproduction resulting in genetically identical clones.
32. A female Homo sapiens sapiens.
41. A male Homo sapiens sapiens.
43. Hereditary substance donated by males during sexual intercourse.

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